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Customer Service- Handling Customer Complaints

Customer Service- Handling Customer Complaints

Customer care today can not be left to chance. This one-day complaint handling workshop is designed for individuals who are responsible for dealing with and resolving customer complaints. Participants may handle complaints over the telephone, face to face or in writing. We will adapt the course to meet the most frequently used method of complaint handling by the participants.

  • Workshop Description

    This highly practical updated workshop aims to equip customer service agents with the essential tools of today. This workshop will provide participants with the key skills and confidence to improve their handling of customer complaints, with the goal of reaching a satisfactory solution that increases customer retention and loyalty. Workshop Motto; "We BELIEVE" The meaning, Believe-Listen-Apologize-Satisfy-Thank

  • Number of Days

    1 day

  • Objectives

    Highlights of what Advantedges’ participants will learn

    • Conduct a SWOT analysis of competition 
    • Case study when complaints go wrong
    • Explained the key skills and qualities needed to handle customer complaints
    • Demonstrated empathy whilst responding to customer requests and concerns
    • Identified the customer's needs through the use of questions and active listening
    • Practised defusing a customer's emotional response that they find difficult
    • Resolved a typical work based complaint effectively
    • Follow up techniques and templates
    • Practice handling exercises using power script
  • Designed For

    This workshop is designed for experienced professionals who seek to maximize their potential, develop problem solving skills, and add more value to their organization.

  • Investment


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