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HR-Coaching and Mentoring

HR-Coaching and Mentoring

This workshop concentrates on the essential leadership skills of coaching. During times that would challenge even the most resilient and experienced managers, it's never been more important to have an arsenal of tools, techniques and best practices to coach employees. From analyzing the cause of low performance to creating a climate for effective employee coaching and learning from giving corrective feedback to handling difficult responses to coaching this workshop gives practical insight and skills.


  • Workshop Description

    This workshop will teach that coaching, listening and open dialogue are the source of great success in motivating others. Selecting and preparing the right person for the right job is the largest part of coaching. Workshop motto; "Leaders empower individuals by building trust and coaching competence in their job roles and networking skills" -Kenneth H. Blanchard



  • Number Of Days

    2 days

  • Objectives

    Highlights of what Advantedges’ participants will learn:

    • Develop an understanding of what coaching and mentoring is
    • Learn the advantages of having a workplace coach
    • Confront difficult situations with confidence􏰀
    • Develop a team environment that fosters synergy􏰀
    • Reinforce the behavior and motivation of peak-performers – improve for the weak ones􏰀
    • Turn around disruptive behavior􏰀
    • Build the trust and rapport to necessary for coaching employees effectively􏰀
    • Learn how to listen with an empathetic ear and encourage open-two way communication􏰀
    • Learn to guide a dialogue on performance􏰀
    • Guide the development of a performance improvement plan
    • Prepare a next in line coaching plan template
  • Designed For

    This workshop is specially designed for employees with some experience who seek to maximize their potential, become better communicators and who need to mentor and develop their next in line.

  • Investment


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