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HR-Dealing with Difficult People

HR-Dealing with Difficult People

This dynamic workshop will empower you to deal with problem people and clients. Every organization has people whose personality, behaviour, attitude, work habits or other characteristics present a challenge for those around them. This workshop will provide you with practical tools and skills to handle difficult people whether it may be a colleague or customer. In this workshop, you will learn to distinguish between various types of difficult behaviour, and choose responses that have a high probability of succeeding rather than escalating a difficult situation. Develop analytical skills, communication, confronting skills, interpersonal negotiating, coaching, as well as stress and conflict management strategies.

  • Workshop Description

    Conflicts in the workplace are inevitable. A stressful environment, pressing deadlines, extreme workload, career insecurities and personal problems can ignite disputes and conflicts in the workplace. The manager is called to handle these situations. It is highly significant to know how to act and how to resolve these differences in order to work in a healthy and productive environment. Workshop Motto; " " -


  • Number Of Days

    1 day

  • Objectives

    Highlights of what Advantedges’ participants will learn:

    • Understand emotions
    • Identify a “difficult person”

    • Explore the reasons why a person is difficult

    • Conduct a feedback meeting with a high performer as well as a “difficult person”

    • Handle your personal anger and that of others

    • Understand aggressive, assertive, and passive behaviours

    • Deal with negative behaviour

    • Understand the importance of communication when dealing with a difficult person

    • Practice the six steps to becoming an active listener

    • Develop a strategy to deal with conflict

    • Negotiate win-win solutions

    • Practice active listening and positive language techniques

    • Deal with any challenges via the problem-solving technique

    • Understand barriers to communications and avoid them

    • Handle all challenges and complaints
  • Designed For

    This workshop is specially designed for employees with some experience who seek to maximize their potential and become better communicators.

  • Investment


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