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Management-Fostering Innovation

Management-Fostering Innovation

Designed for experienced professionals who want to build on and apply creative thinking at work, to try new ways to solve challenges and clients needs. Innovation in it's purest form means to create something new, but it can also mean better solutions, new methods of doing something, finding more efficient and effective ways of completing a task, or creating new processes or workflows. Innovation is what drives companies; by coming up with new and fresh ideas, companies are able to remain relevant and drive success. Innovation is what propels businesses into the future, and allows them to forge a new path of relevance, profit, and success. How do we build this within our organizational framework?

  • Workshop Description

    This workshop is highly practical and designed for experienced professionals who want to build on their leadership skill. This workshop fostering innovation in your workplace is about finding what works for you and your employees and nurturing that to allow for success; because without innovation, there cannot be success.

    Workshop motto; “If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes." -Pablo Picasso


  • Number of Days

    2 days

  • Objectives

    Highlights of what Advantedges’ participants will learn:

    • Identify common thinking problems that may be holding them back
    • Define critical and non-critical thinking
    • Understand what fostering innovation means
    • Learn what an innovative workplace looks like
    • Determine how you can help create an innovative workplace environment
    • Understand your role in helping to foster innovation
    • Know what happens in the workplace when you help foster innovation
    • Develop new ways that innovation can help your company
  • Designed For

    This workshop is designed for experienced professionals who seek to maximize their potential, develop leadership skills, become critical thinkers and problem solvers and add more value to their organization.


  • Investment


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