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Management-Team Building

Management-Team Building

This highly practical two-day workshop is intended to help you understand the importance of good team building today. Success depends on how effective the team operates.

How are their problem-solving skills?

Are they enthusiastic and motivated to reach their peak performance?

Do they work well together?

Do they have the knowledge to unleash the talent of their individual team members?


  • Workshop Description

    This workshop is highly practical and designed for experienced professionals who want to build on their leadership skill. This workshop is a dynamic practical look via diagnostic tools at current practices that work. Workshop motto; “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success"-Henry Ford


  • Number of Days

    2 days

  • Objectives

    Highlights of what Advantedges’ participants will learn:

    • Promote trust and rapport by exploring their team player style
    • Learn how it impacts on group dynamics
    • Describe successful teams- what is attitude?
    • What works & what doesn’t work
    • Build teamwork by recognizing and tapping into the twelve characteristics of an effective team
    • Identify personal preference and resolve conflict
    • Clarify team roles. Identify competition and collaboration on teams.
    • Establish common ground and make team decisions
    • Communicate effectively to all styles
    • Listen with impact
    • Understand how action planning and diagnostic analysis tools can help the team perform better
    • Implementing goals created during the session via a personal action plan
  • Designed For

    This workshop is designed for experienced professionals who seek to maximize their potential, develop leadership skills, become more influential and add more value to their organization.


  • Investment


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