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PR- Managing the Media

PR- Managing the Media

If you are the face of PR in your organization this workshop will help you feel more comfortable and competent. This highly practical workshop focuses on skills of media training, and also the opportunity to practice those techniques on camera in a range of simulated interviews, whether they be promotional, “issues” or crisis interviews. It enables you, or the spokespeople you support, to become powerful advocates for your organisation when carrying out any type of media interview, proactive or reactive. It also helps you develop the skills and confidence to deal with major crisis interviews.

  • Description

    Highly engaging 2-day workshop with a certificate.

    Workshop Motto; "Confidence comes from discipline and training”

  • Workshop Objectives

    Advantedge’s  program will give participants the skills to:

    • Recognize the importance of managing the media
    • Apply the different media management techniques
    • Preparing for successful media interviews

    • Prepare for any type of media interview; promotional, “issues”, or crisis

    • Taking control of the interview situation

    • Message development

    • Understanding what to do in a media crisis *

    • Developing your personal impact

    • Live and pre-recorded broadcast and press interviews

    • Issues and awkward questions

    • Practice interviews with role plays

    • Soundbites, why they are important and how to produce one

    • Understanding the importance of social media

    • Setting up social media influences

    • Supportive feedback and pointers for developing your skills

  • Number of Days

    2 days

  • Designed For

    This workshop is designed for employees who seek to maximize their potential, become stronger communicators and add more to their personal brand.

  • Investment


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