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Sales and Marketing- Sales Skills

Sales and Marketing- Sales Skills

Designed for beginners who want to build on the core selling skills and learn the best practice techniques. This practical two-day sales training workshop focuses on how to boost results and build customer rapport, with a consultative sales approach.

  • Workshop Description

    This workshop deals with the essentials of the sales cycle.

    This selling skills workshop will develop the participants’ skills, behaviours and confidence to enable them to sell to client needs and develop long-term relationships. The training aims to provide participants with a range of selling tools and techniques that will enable them to adopt a confident consultative and solutions-based approach when selling..Workshop motto; "The key to increased sales is establishing trust through body language and correct questioning techniques" -Adessa Tawk

  • Number of Days

    2 days

  • Objectives

    Highlights of what Advantedges’ participants will learn:

    • Conduct a SWOT analysis of yourself
    • Understand the consultative sales approach and the style of selling that is appropriate for their business and their clients
    • Follow a sales process to guide their conversations and sales meetings
    • Prepare thoroughly for a sales meeting/contact with a client to ensure they use their time efficiently and maximise results
    • Create a great first impression and professional opening to a sales conversation
    • Ask open questions and listen effectively in order to spot opportunities, understand needs and progress the saleIdentify and understand buying and decision-making processes and criteria
    • Skilfully and confidently handle questions and objections
    • Sell the benefits of your products over those of your competitors
    • Create and use power scripts, spiels and their use
    • Progress the sale by agreeing to next steps and closing appropriately
  • Designed For

    This workshop is designed for employees who seek to maximize their potential, become stronger sales people and add more value to their organization.

  • Investment


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